Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The House

So I never blogged about new house! Not for lack of excitement I can assure you, but mostly for lack of home Internet. :) We're still working on that. With the smart phones we've been sporting for several months now home Internet hasn't been high on our priority list, but it's making it's way to the top. In the mean time I want to show it off a little. Most of these pictures are from when we bought the house, and although I haven't done a lot of decorating it is a little bit less bare. I'll try and supplement with newer pictures soon. We bought the house in December, so that's why there's snow!

Street View

View of the front door. The pictures are hung now. :)

Front room standing by the front door.

Entry way looking into the kitchen.

Hall off to the left of the entry way that leads to the upstairs beds & bath.

The upstairs bath - it's the only one not totally updated - the pink counters and blue tile are sweet!

First upstairs bedroom - it's now our study as well as Aaron's second closet.

Second upstairs bedroom - this is my second closet and is at least a little more organized & tidy now.

Master bath

Master bedroom

The kitchen!

Going down...

The great room downstairs - it has an Expedit shelf now too!
Here's a horrible shot of the Expedit - it has 2 more rows up top, but it gives you an idea.

Cold Storage

The laundry/craft room extraordinaire!

Closet under the stairs - with our food dehydrator!

Downstairs/guest bathroom! By far the nicest bathroom in the house. If you come visit this could all be yours!! Hint, hint...
The bathroom linen closet

Downstairs/guest bedroom - there is a bed and dresser and everything in there now. It's all ready for visitors!
Downstairs/guest bedroom - closet view

2nd downstairs bedroom/storage room
2nd downstairs bedroom/storage room - 2nd closet :)

Looking back into the great room from the bed/bath hall.

The backyard!

And we've come full circle.

We also have a garden now which I will post pictures of soon. I'm quite proud of it as it's my first year really getting into it. Next year should be even better!

I hope this has inspired at least some of you to come visit us! If you're ever in Utah and need a place to stay let me know!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Puerto Rico My Heart's Devotion - Christmas 2011

This is the first of many updates to come, so brace yourself. For Christmas this past year we went on a cruise with my family to the Caribbean and it was amazing! I'll let the pictures speak mostly for themselves, but our itinerary started in Puerto Rico where we spent a few extra days as well and then we were off to St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, St. Maarten and back to Old San Juan!

San Juan, Puerto Rico


St. Thomas


Dinner - YUM!

Barbados - best beaches of the vacation!

St. Lucia, I think

St. Kitts

Back in San Juan

Zip Lining!