Monday, July 19, 2010

Seriously Behind

To say I'm a little behind would be quite the understatement. I hope I can capture adequately everything that has been going on. Just a warning - that will probably involve way too many pictures because I love them so much!

Way back for Memorial Day we went to visit some of my close friends from my mission who now live in Norfolk, VA. We stopped at Colonial Williamsburg on our way and had a blast traveling back in time.

I can't find my other pictures with Chris & Lori right now, but they took us down to Virginia Beach and around the naval base and then we enjoyed some time at the beach!
This is out of order, but just a couple of days before we left Baltimore we went to our last O's game with our good friends the Michael & Marilyn.

My sisters, Erika & Carly came for a visit and we had a great time taking them around DC & Baltimore seeing all the sites.
The SmithsoniansThe monuments

Baltimore - the Inner Harbor
The National Cathedral
My friend Betsy from work and I organized an IGTC O's Game Outing for our office. I still need to get the picture of all of us from Lisa, but it was really fun to get out of the office and have some fun together. I already miss everyone at IGTC.
The weekend before we went to Jamaica we took one last trip up to PA to visit my aunt & uncle and their family up there. We drove up to a pay pond near the Poconos and had some adventures fishing with the kids!

It was so cute to see them cast their lines and then get so excited when the fish would bite (on pretty much every cast) and then real them in and get a little freaked out! We loved it!

We finally made it to our belated honeymoon trip just a few days before we drove home at the end of June. It was pretty much blissful!

We snorkeled and swam in the warm Caribbean Sea!
Ate a ton of delicious food!
Took many romantic strolls on the beachDid some more snorkeling and snuck some paparazzi pictures in between our hours of laying out and reading on the beach!

Experienced 6 gorgeous Jamaican sunsets on the beach and pretty much wished we never had to come home! It was a great trip!THE DRIVE HOME!!
In the 3 days we had in Baltimore after we got back from Jamaica we sold/gave away all of our furniture and packed up the rest of our possessions in our little red Corolla and set out for our 7 day journey across the country.

Stop 1: Detroit!
We drove up to Detroit to visit Aaron's sister, Megan and her husband Ben. We had a blast crashing residents' parties and eating Middle Eastern food!
Eastern Market was seriously amazing. I wish they something like that here in Utah!

The Henry Ford Museum.
This is the bus that Rosa Parks refused to move on. Aaron and I are reenacting a picture taken on the bus that's on display in the museum.

Stop 2: Nauvoo!

The Joseph Smith homestead
The Nauvoo Temple! We were able to go on a session while we were there and it is such an amazing place!

Stop 3: Mission Lands: Independence & Topeka
I couldn't drive across the country without stopping to visit people I love and miss from my mission!
We were able to go to lunch with Pat & Jerry Moore - I'll have to tell their story some time it is absolutely amazing! And it was so fun too see them!

Visiting the Craft's in Independence!

Celebrating my birthday in Topeka with the Paz & Fechter's!
Thank you for making it so special!!
The Ashley's in Topeka were generous enough to let us stay at their house and we loved seeing them too! It was way too quick of a drive through, but it was so fun to see everyone we were able to!

Stop 4: Colorado
We somehow escaped Aaron's aunt and uncle's in Loveland, CO without taking any pictures, but we are so grateful they let us stay at the Hotel Roundy. :) It was so fun to get to know more of Aaron's family and we're excited to visit again this weekend for Preston's wedding!

We finally made it home and unloaded our car. It doesn't look like that much but imagine being crammed in a little Corolla with all that stuff for a week... :) It was definitely an adventure!
The end. For now at least... I'll give you all some time to recover from this monstrous post!

PS - For those of you who made it to the end of the post and are in Utah, we're hoping our life will calm down a little bit soon so we can play! I'll update more on what we've been up to since being in Utah soon!